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Some Terms Of Healthy Hair

Healthy hair is a dream for every person. But there are some terms that must be met, so that hair can be regarded as healthy hair. Below are the terms of healthy hair.

Here are some terms of healthy hair:

Gentle texture

Hair that is healthy, when it can be shaken easily because healthy hair has a soft texture. And be careful if you want to perform maintenance, arrangement and coloring hair. Due to maintenance, the arrangement and coloring hair containing chemicals, can alter the texture of your hair becomes rough.


Shiny Hair

Shiny hair is caused by reflected light layer of hair, if the cuticle on your hair is damaged, and cause hair to swell and blocking light reflection. One reason is the remains of the treatment, remaining on the scalp and hair, so as to preclude its luster. Therefore wash thoroughly when shampooing, so that your hair really clean and will make your hair shiny.


Healthy Scalp

Healthy hair is the dream of every person. If your scalp healthy, your hair definitely healthy too. One of the characteristics of a healthy scalp is to have three strands of hair every pore. If the every pore, has three strands of hair so your hair will look thicker and healthier. Whereas if your scalp every pore has 1 strand of hair, your hair looks so thin and there must be a problem on your scalp. If it happens when your hair falls out, then a lot of empty spots in the pores and on the scalp. If you do not prevent it, then it can result in baldness. So keep your healthy scalp, avoid some factors that can damage your hair, avoid dry scalp, avoid dandruff, avoid chemicals, etc. So your hair can grow healthy and strong.



Elastic properties, it is not only owned by the skin, hair also has elastic properties, which can make the hair does not break if pulled or combed. But the brittle hair can not be elastic, this happens because of poor diet, lack of vitamins, proteins, and minerals, so if pulled or combed hair will break easily.


Straight When Moist

If your hair is healthy, the water content contained in the air, make the hair straight. If the hair is not healthy, hair will swell when exposed to moisture, and then the hair will be curly, coarse and dull.


Not tangled when wet

When dry hair, along with a damaged cuticle, will be difficult to comb hair, when the hair is wet. This occurs because the cuticle chipped, from the hair shaft and cause friction. The fix is to use a conditioner, as conditioner is made to coat the hair shaft and soften cuticles.


That's some terms of healthy hair, so take care of your hair properly, provide the best care and adjust to your hair type, so that your hair will always look healthy, shiny and avoided from baldness.

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