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Tips Thicken Hair Naturallly

Hair requires a strong defense in order to survive from the direct sun, pollution, toxins and infections and other causes that can damage the hair.

The use of hair care procedures that are often used certainly leave scars on the scalp and then damage the hair. Possible for most people to have thicker hair is a pride for them, but what would happen if thick hair, now beginning to experience thinning due to side effects of the use of hair care products. And if you want to thicken your hair, you better figure out how to thicken hair naturally.

Here are simple tips how to thicken hair naturally

Almond oil and coconut oil

Almond oil can also be used to help provide power and repair hair from damage. How: Give a few drops of almond oil on the scalp and hair with a gentle massage, then rinse thoroughly until there is no oil left. Do it a few times a week. Purpose of almond oil is as additional nutrients to the scalp and hair that can improve strength, thickness and sustain healthy hair sparkle.

In addition to almond oil can also use coconut oil, which serves as a protective hair from being damaged and dry. Coconut oil contains nutrients such as calcium, potassium and magnesium may help keep the hairs that are not easily fragile.

How to apply coconut oil

Give a few drops of coconut oil, and do gentle massage of the scalp, then wrap hair with a towel, so that the coconut oil seep into the hair roots. Let stand for 20 minutes, then rinse hair thoroughly.


Rosemary and lavender

Rosemary and lavender flowers can also be used to prevent hair loss. Rosemary and lavender oils suitable for use by all types of hair is also able to stimulate the hair follicles. Lavender flowers also provide the same benefits with rosemary that help nourish and give fragrance as well as comfort to the scalp and hair. In addition, lavender can also be used to stimulate hair growth, overcome the problem of baldness or alopecia areata hair.

How to use it:

Give a few drops of rosemary oil mixed with almond oil, then use just like a conditioner and massage gently, for a few minutes then rinse thoroughly.

According to one of the researchers from the University of Maryland Medical Center, revealed that lavender is known as aromatherapy was able to promote hair growth and be able to override the issue of baldness due to hair loss, known as alopecia areata. By mixing 3 drops of lavender oil and 3 drops of rosemary oil and mix again with the shampoo used, do like the shampoo as usual.



Mayonnaise or white sauce commonly used as a salad dressing or veggie burger is it can be used as a hair moisturizer,  so your hair will look more shiny. But not many people know mayonnaise can also be used as a solution to thicken hair naturally. By combining mayonnaise to the entire section of hair from the scalp to the ends of the hair with a gentle massage. Then let sit for a while for about 1 hour, and then rinse with shampoo used to clean.



If we want to thicken hair or make it black shiny (only applicable for black hair), and healthy with natural ingredients, hazelnut is one of them. Here's a lightweight tips that can be tried, Take hazelnut taste, then grilled. Pecan that already burned, mixed with coconut milk, and then applies on hair, set aside some time, and then you can immediately wash using shampoo of your choice. Savor hazelnut for black hair, and coconut milk to soften the hair.


Olive oil

Olive oil has been used since hundreds of years ago as a fertilizer and hair booster. On women in several countries in the Middle East, already accustomed to applying olive oil to grow and thicken hair, eyebrows and eyelashes of children from toddlers. The result hair, eyebrows, eyelashes become thicker and become slender and long.

In adults, enough olive oil applied to the scalp that had been cleaned, while a massage smooth. After evenly, cover hair with a clean towel and leave it overnight. The next day, wash your hair thoroughly. The result can be seen after using it at least once a week for 3 months.

Those are some tips, how thicken hair naturally that you can use. We better use natural ways to thicken hair, because its no chemicals contained, so that your hair become thick, healthy and strong with no chemicals. And with healthy hair and strong hair, hopefully we can avoid hair loss or baldness. But if you have problems of excessive hair loss and baldness, you can find the best solution at:


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