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Tips toThicken Hair

If we have a thick hair is certainly very pleasant, because the hair is thick and dense, it is always interpreted as the hair can grow healthy and strong. However, many people who do not know, how to thicken hair, because the hair is getting thinner due to hair loss suffered. Therefore do not let your hair falling out and getting thinner, because if it happens we'll need a cure for baldness, below some tips how to have thicker hair.

Here's are tips to thicken hair

Jogging or aerobics

By doing jogging or aerobics exercise regularly and routinely 3-4 times a week could help the hair root and hair components to grow, besides allegedly jogging can prevent hair loss. Advised to do sports or exercise outdoors so feel free to breathe fresh air and create the mood and mind become happy and comfortable. Moreover, it can make the scalp and hair to breathe freely and air circulation around the head can run normally.


Herbal drinks

Consuming herbal drinks, such as herbal tea 2-3 times a useful addition to refresh the skin, can also stimulate the growth of new hair to be thicker. The type of tea that can be consumed is a type of green tea.


Reduce saturated fats

Foods with high fat content will make the hair follicles become weak and tend to be more rigid hair. Excess fat can inhibit the production of hair on the scalp surface. Try using olive oil instead of vegetable oil for cooking various types of food, because in addition to healthy, olive oil also reduce the risk of heart disease and can be used as an herb to thicken hair.


Do not use a hair dryer or hair gel excessively

If the hair is still wet after shampooing do not immediately dried using a hair dryer or hair dryer directly because it will make the hair become dry and damaged. Also avoid excessive use of hair gel, especially the men who often use styling gel that hair becomes more charming look. Use styling gel that too often will only make the hair stiff and makes hair lose balance.


Avoid stress

Free up your mind from stress because it's also plays an important role in the cause of hair loss, if you have thick hair then you are hit by stress, this condition will make the roots of the hair, loss of balance and the nerves associated with the roots of the hair, it would be easy fragile, then the hair will begin to experience hair loss, ranging from least amount to much, then the hair will become thinner. Free up your mind a break from the routine, with soothing aromatherapy.


Thus some tips how to thicken hair; hopefully, our hair is always thick and healthy. In addition you can also use some tips to thicken hair naturally, so that our hair become thick, healthy and strong, so that we can avoid from baldness. But if you have excessive hair loss or baldness, please visit immediately the best solution at:


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