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As a pride if we can have long hair and bushy. But to keep the long hair still grow healthy and strong then we need to consider a wide range of long hair tips. So that we can keep the hair grow in a healthy, long and strong, and here we have some tips for long hair.




Here Are Some Tips For Long Hair

Use hair oil

To make the hair healthy and thick, you also need to provide nutrients. One of them is to use hair oil. By massaging your hair with oil, blood flow will be smoother thus stimulating the scalp and hair. So if your hair is well maintained, then the growth will be optimal. In other words, massaging the scalp with hair oil will stimulate the growth of your hair.


Wash your hair regularly

Wash your hair with shampoo twice a week or maybe three times a week. Never try to wash your hair every day because it can make your hair brittle and dry. In addition, do not comb your hair when it’s wet because it can also make your hair dry and brittle, thereby reducing hair growth.


Apply conditioner

To have long hair and thick, it is better you use conditioner in hair care. Conditioner is useful to nourish and maintain the fertility of your hair. The trick is quite easy, use a conditioner after you finished shampooing, besides being able to make your hair look shiny, conditioner also useful as a food for your hair.


Cut your hair regularly

For those of you who want to have long hair and strong, maybe you think that hair cut can reduce the length of your hair, but actually the function of these cuts can eliminate the hair that branches. In addition, the hair cut will also increase your hair growth allowing your hair to grow longer and stronger.


Check your hair

To get a long and healthy hair, you also have to be more careful in managing and maintaining your hair. Do not let the hot sun damage your hair. Moreover, tying the hair too tight can also cause your hair is damaged and broken.


Use herbal

To avoid chemicals, you can use natural methods or natural products to treat your hair. For example, to create a natural conditioner, you can use a mixture of vinegar and castor oil for your hair treatment. And you can use natural ingredients that you can find out around you, such as aloe vera or hazelnut oil, etc.


Balanced diet

If you want to have healthy hair, you also need to implement a balanced diet. If your diet is unhealthy, any way that you do will be hampered. Therefore, in addition to care from the outside, your hair also needs care from the inside. Fill your diet with intake of vegetables and fruits in order to keep your hair healthy and strong.

Those are some tips for long hair, may be useful for you. If you have long hair, keep the health and the fertility of your hair. So your hair will always grow lush and healthy, and always be your pride.


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