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Tomato Benefits For Hair Growth

Tomato is commonly known as the main raw material of sauce, but turns out there are tomato benefits in the care of hair health. Based on the studies that have been conducted, the content of chemical compounds in tomatoes, in the form of lycopene, protein, vitamin C and some other chemical compounds can be used to protect and prevent damage to hair from the effects of pollutants, sun and even fungal and bacterial infections.

To make tomato hair mask is fairly easily, it is enough to soften the tomatoes and take the juice, and then applied evenly on the entire surface of the hair from the root while given a massage on the scalp. And below are some tomato hair mask benefits for hair.


About tomato benefits for hair

Benefits of tomato hair mask


Protein content in the tomatoes can be used to moisturize the hair and scalp. Protein is also a major component making up the hair so easily absorbed by the hair tissue. Tomatoes hair mask is suitable for dry hair types.

Abatement dandruff

The content of lycopene is useful as free-radical scavengers can be used to prevent dandruff, especially those caused by air pollutants and sunlight.


Hair loss prevention

Protein content and lycopene in tomatoes can be used to retain moisture and acidity or pH of hair and scalp. And we need to know that the condition of the scalp with Heigh pH levels can lead to hair loss.


Abatement of branched hair

The content tomatin in tomatoes can also be used as a powerful antioxidant in repelling free radicals, which can prevent hair damage caused disruption branched layer of the hair shaft by the attacks of pollutants.

Neutralizing germs

Vitamin C and beta-carotene in tomato can be used to kill bacteria or germs on the hair, especially after the completion of the swimming activities.

Those are some tomato benefits to maintain healthy hair. However, the use of tomato hair mask is not recommended for use every day due to the acid content which can cause slight reddish on hair color. But if you need it we also have the other tips about fruits for hair mask that you can use for your hair health. Hope it is useful.


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