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In treating baldness, first of all we should know the types of common baldness in men and women. The following are some types of baldness or hair loss that occurs in males and females.

Here are some types of baldness in men and women:

Types of baldness in men:

  • Hair loss is not noticeable, and this is a normal level.
  • Began to appear on the forehead, marked by the beginning of a receding hairline.
  • The patients showed a significant reduction in hair on the temples as well as receding from the forehead. And in this level of hair loss begins to become significant in the crown of the head.
  • On the crown becomes more visible or there is significant hair loss on top of head and / or the front of the anterior region of the head.
  • Occurs in the most upper point and crown. And close to a significant hair loss. For this Level requires a hair transplant and for higher level classes may require more grafts to provide coverage and density of the hair.
  • To indicate the level of hair loss is greater than Level5, but still have areas with donor hair is available. And if you still do hair transplants can have very good results.
  • Hair loss showed the most significant. There may still be a donor for transplant enough hair, but the results may be limited, and may be less than satisfactory results.


Types of baldness in women:

  • The women are starting to look thinning on the top of the head.
  • More significant with the onset of regional sightings occurred due to thinning of scalp hair.
  • Might actually lose hair at the crown of the head. And really need more donor hair to recover.

That's some types of baldness which common in males or females, that might be able to increase our knowledge and useful for us, before we find a cure for baldness. Keep your hair healthy; keep it away from baldness so you always look beautiful and confident.

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