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Benefits Of Cold Water For Hair Growth

Almost every day we are always in contact with water. But sometimes we do not use it optimally. Water is not only beneficial for bathing, washing, or drink. But it turned out to be useful for the health of our bodies and even to health of our hair. And this time we will talk about the benefits of cold water for hair growth.



Benefits of cold water for hair growth

Protect sebum

Sebum is the natural oils that protect the hair and skin. Warm water can erode sebum, which ultimately make hair dry and damaged. Shower with cold water to prevent the loss of sebum, strengthens hair and prevent hair loss.


Closing the hair cuticle

Hair cuticle will be closed when washed with cold water. Closed cuticle will reflect more light, which makes your hair look more shiny and healthy.


Reducing curling

Warm water will damage the hair like your skin damage. Warm water will dry your hair by means of eroding the natural protective oils. After washing your hair, rinse hair with cold water for a few minutes to seal the hair cuticle. This will make your hair stronger, prevent hair loss, reducing curling and makes the hair more lustrous.

For those of you who can not bathe with cold water, you can use cold water after a shower only. Rinse with cold water serves to restore the natural condition of your skin and hair.

Similarly, a few tips on the benefits of cold water for hair growth. To maintain healthy hair, it would not hurt if you pay attention to all matters related to your hair. So you can minimize errors that can make your hair become damaged. Keep your hair because your hair is your crown. And always keep away from anything that can make your hair damage.

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