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What Is Dandruff Effect On The Scalp?

What is dandruff and how to prevent it?

Almost all people have dandruff, but what is dandruff?
Dandruff is the excessive flaking of dead skin on the scalp. Cells and exfoliate dead skin, is a natural and normal occurrence, if it's flaking few, but if the amount of flaking lot and continuously, the treatment should be done immediately, so as not to interfere with the health of the hair. Sometimes we feel itching on the scalp and can not bear to scratch it. And scalp dandruff is one of the reasons why you feel itchy. Dandruff occurs due to an overgrowth of fungus. The fungus usually grows in hairy places, such as eyebrows, or beard which can develop quickly because of the dead skin cells and excess oil.

And other causes of itching, it could be due to an allergic reaction of your hair care products daily. For example; drying hair with a hair dryer or other appliances that provide heat on the scalp, or use hair spray that can make dry and irritated of the scalp. Don’t use hair dryer with the hottest temperatures, especially when your hair is still very wet, because it can make the scalp damaged, and will inhibit to cure for baldness.

The point is the bad effects of dandruff can damage the hair. So stop dandruff, treat it immediately, before they damage your hair.

Scalp Moisture

In addition to dandruff, itchy scalp can also be caused by environmental factors, other factors which contribute to scalp irritation, due to a cold environment, humidity, sun and wind factors.
How to restore a healthy scalp (hair healthy and shiny); starts with increasing humidity. Avoid hot water when you wash your hair, because the natural oils will remove from your scalp, so it is very dry and sensitive. Use conditioner after shampooing is highly recommended to help moisturize hair and scalp care.

Itchy Scalp

Sometimes that is often itchy scalp can be a serious sign for the scalp health. If you feels thick and crusty with your scalp, patches or even bleed when scratched, you could be psoriasis affected.
Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease of the skin, characterized by scales itchy or sore. When the scales removed or scratched then there will be blood under the skin. If it is accompanied by itching, hair will fall out or break.
And maybe could be worse, if your scalp often bleeds when you scratch crust, and accompanied by pus, you may be exposed to staph infection. Staphylococcal disease, the skin is usually the result of an accumulation of pus. Affected area becomes red, feels pain and swelling. If it happens like that, consult your doctor immediately, and if left unchecked will become a serious problem, and will more difficult to cure for baldness.

That's all, about what it is dandruff? So, do not let dandruff disturb your scalp, cause if it left unchecked will interfere with the growth and health of your hair.

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