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About What Is Sebum?

Sometimes we ask about What is sebum? Does sebum cause hair loss? Some questions like that sometimes arise between us. It is no exaggeration when many people are asking questions like that, because it is a sign that they care about the health of their hair. Therefore the following we will talk about what is sebum?



Here about What Is Sebum?

Sebum definition

Sebum is an oily substance composed of fat, keratin, and cellular material produced by the sebaceous glands in the skin. Sebum is oily substance that is produced naturally by the body. Sebum is secreted by glandular hairs. If produced in normal amounts, sebum can help provide natural moisture to the scalp. But if too much the various hair problems will begin to emerge such as: limp hair, loss, and even dandruff.

Oil released by oil glands microscopic under human skin. Being together with the sweat glands, oil glands that serve to engage the skin retain moisture to retain sweat, so as not to evaporate too quickly, which can make the skin becomes dry. And the oily substance contains keratin, fat, and cellular material produced by the sebaceous glands.


Does sebum cause hair loss?

Excess sebum on the scalp usually makes hair greasy.
Blockage can occur on the scalp due to sebum exposed to various impurities due to untreated hair. Untreated scalp can cause hair loss.
With current technology, it is actually not difficult to care for the scalp.
But back again to the personal lifestyle and maybe if there is a genetic disease / descent which make hair to fall out.

And for those of you who like to use hairspray, hair dye, and the excess gel is an example where lifestyle may be factors that cause damage to the scalp and hair, chemicals that stick to the sebum reentry into the skin through the pores, resulting in contamination and damage more severe.
Genetic diseases could be side effects of other diseases such as chemotherapy for cancer treatment, or it could be because the offspring of parents that is experiencing hair loss.
So, sebum is not directly as a cause of hair loss, but it is usually due to excessive lifestyle. So adjust your lifestyle so that the health of your hair is always maintained.

Thus our article about what is sebum? and Does sebum cause hair loss? may be beneficial to you. And the conclusion is that sebum does not directly cause hair loss, but it is our lifestyle that can cause it.

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